Video Troubleshooting

Most of our products include high quality videos that are password protected and hosted by Our videos use a lot of your computer’s resources to play. If you’re having troubles viewing the videos, try these solutions:

    1. Close all other browser tabs and background programs running on your computer. You can check for open programs in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
    2. Clear your cache. To reset your cache hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click on the reload button on your browser.  The reload button is the circle icon with an arrow at the end located at the end of the url address bar at the top of the browser page.  See the arrow in the image below.  This will clear your cache and also help your computer perform better
    3. You may need to update your Flash Player.
    4. Try using a different browser to view the videos.
    5. If you only have one browser installed, try closing it and opening a new one.
    6. Clear your cookies.
    7. Restart your computer.
    8. For more help, check the Vimeo help page.
    9. If none of these troubleshooting strategies for online viewing work, you can download the videos and watch them on your media player. See the image below.

download troubleshooting

If you are having trouble viewing the videos that you downloaded:

  1. You may not have a video player installed on your computer.  You may download a Quicktime player.

If you are getting an error message when you enter the password:

  1. Remember, all passwords are case sensitive. Most are all lowercase.
  2. If you copied and pasted your password, try typing it in manually. If you typed in your password, try copying and pasting it. Sometimes extra spaces or characters can be the problem.
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